Major Announcement

Hello everybody, it’s Blood. I’m posting this announcement to inform you all that I’m planning to temporarily close this site for a while, as I’m going through major, and I mean here MAJOR adjustments of its layout and content that would dramatically alter its look and content for hopefully the better. All these adjustments are to hopefully help make it better and more beneficial to not only the regular readers of this blog, but the SNL fandom in general.

I do not know how long said adjustments would take to be fully done, as I’ve already did a lot of them while publishing my reviews of the first half of S44 (and you probably noticed some of the later ones being later than usual, which is totally due to me handling said adjustments and site upgrade), to ease up the workload on me and make it a little quicker than expected. I’m going to close the site temporarily soon, so I hope this message clears out any fears and thanks for understanding.

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