October 14, 2023 – Pete Davidson / Ice Spice (S49 E1)

Some Hopes Before the Season Premiere:

  • Much like the last two seasons I covered live as they aired, I’m going to share some of my hopes for the new season before doing the review properly.
  • As much as I enjoy them, I think the show should stop leaning so heavily on PDD the way they did through the second half of last season. It felt clear SNL didn’t have as many unique voices creating pretaped material as they did in previous years. So, here’s hoping we’d get more offbeat, creative pretapes that aren’t bloated or feel generic.
  • Keep using James Austin Johnson the way he was utilized in a lot of last season and have him grow more and more into an essential, beloved utility player that will become one of the backbones of the show. James already achieved so much, and any new highs he would reach will be deserved.
  • Less reliance on Bowen and Kenan this season; the heavy usage of both of them during a lot of last season annoyed the hell out of me. Especially considering the very demoralizing regression both faced (Kenan especially). When you have such an incredibly versatile cast member such as James Austin Johnson and a promising group of newer and featured players, I feel it is the time for both of them to leave.
  • While I feel Ego noticeably declined last season in her lead work, she remained as solid as ever in support roles. I hope this season Ego finds a good balance between her sketches and support work, and not have one of them noticeably being stronger and more consistent than the other. Use Ego more as the MVP/utility leader she is, and less sketches with Ego playing a generic, no-nonsense lady that waste her talents and range. The female cast is very shaky at the moment, with either underused performers (Sarah & Punkie), and ones who are very hit-or-miss at best (Chloe & Heidi), so Ego is not only the current best female on the cast, but after JAJ, the best cast member all-around.

Cold opening – Pete Davidson

PED evokes the healing power of comedy amidst the Israel/Gaza conflict

  • Very classy, short opening addressing the Israel Gaza war. I truly commend SNL and Pete himself for doing this instead of a tired, endless cold open; Pete’s choking voice as he speaks of his childhood post-9/11 and the tragic death of his father is really getting to me.

Rating: N/A

Opening Montage

  • Same montage as last season.
  • I’m not too upset with Mikey returning for another season, even when last season was the perfect way for him to bow out. I did hope he’d leave and for James to take more and more of the usual support roles Mikey would get. But considering both how well James’ been doing in general and the strong previous two years Mikey’s had, I have no problem with him back for a potential final season.
  • Great seeing James & Sarah finally promoted to repertory players. Both had pretty solid tenures so far and easily are the best hires in quite some time.
  • Chloe Troast has been added to the cast starting with tonight’s premiere. I am very excited to see her debut, as I’ve been a fan of her work and could see her working well with a number of her fellow cast members, as well as the writers. It is also nice to have a new female cast member, considering how quite shaky that side of the cast has become last season.
  • Wow, PDD are now credited in the opening, including a montage shot of them?! So well-deserved, in my view. This is probably the first time this happened since the days when Smigel did TV Funhouse.


PED delivers stand-up about bonding with sister over GOT, incest, and revenge on ex-girlfriend

  • Interesting that Pete is doing a stand-up set, complete with a microphone handed to him like previous stand-ups hosting SNL.
  • I’m enjoying Pete’s whole bit about bonding with his sister. This is relatable to me as the youngest kid in the middle of many and many older sisters.
  • As soon as Pete brought up Game of Thrones, I knew this will get into incest jokes. Pete is doing an ok job with a touchy, albeit overused subject in modern stand-up.
  • Ok…. So we can say “pussy” on live TV? I was really caught up by that it made me laugh.
  • Pete’s fun riffing on Staten Island always makes me laugh, especially the whole Esptein Island being less hated than Staten Island is decent.
  • I’m noticing Pete going into Gilbert and Adam Sandler-esque vocal imitations during several of his punchlines, which I assume is unintentional; it comes off more endearing than annoying as it shows how much Pete is influenced by them.
  • This whole Pete & his ex-girlfriend bit eventually leading up to him bragging about banging her after she dies from an overdose as the ending punchline of his joke about her bragging about banging him to her future husband is pretty solid and the best part of this whole overall good stand-up set.

Rating: ***1/2

NFL on Fox

professional sports panel devolves into Swiftie competition; Travis Kelce [real] cameo

  • Odd not only seeing pretty much the same sports impressions we saw in last season’s Aubrey Plaza cold opening, but as our leadoff sketch.
  • Molly once again playing an overweight male figure, which pretty much became the norm for them last season. I’m not happy seeing them in such a box already.
  • The sports-centric program becoming gossip-obsessed around the Travis Kelce/Taylor Swift romance is pretty funny; JAJ’s enraged reactions, as well as Devon’s dead-on Michael Strahan are the funniest highlights here.
  • Pete yet again sounding very Adam Sandler-esque. The Taylor Swift photo analysis, complete with a circle around her eyes is really stupid, but funny.
  • Did we really need the very brief Travis Kelce cameo? At least he came off likable as always.
  • For the obligatory Taylor Swift sketch of the night, this was pretty good.

Rating: ***

I’m Just Pete

PED sings about embracing his identity

  • Very expected to see Pete starring in a musical short, which is easily a given.
  • Ok, this now turned into a Barbie parody? This is doing a dead-on job nailing the movie’s look and feel, as expected.
  • The cast is doing a fun job playing versions of Pete; Mikey is a lot of fun and Devon, once again tonight, is very fun as Black Pete. His reaction as well to being just ”Black Pete” is great.
  • This short now centering around Pete’s personal life is giving unwanted memories of the hyperfocus on his personal life during the height of his gossip fame back in the day. This is coming off fine and nowhere near as desperate.
  • Loved the very blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Kanye diss.
  • Decent self-deprecating ending with the car crash.

Rating: ***

Autocomplete Interview

Wired’s autocomplete format spills chaos for PED

  • Mikey’s been all over this episode so far, and I absolutely love his look here, to say the least.
  • Ok, the sketch’s now turning into a gossip about the anchors, is fine, but nothing I would call hilarious.
  • Adorable height comparison bit between Chloe and Marcello; thanks to the latter.
  • The shitting (pun intended) on Mikey’s Zach Elliot, complete with bathroom humor is pretty cheap, but it isn’t too bad.
  • I really loved the ending with Pete’s character saying Chloe’s grandma was a Nazi; solid delivery from the latter that she was, but just during the war.
  • Overall, these types of sketches do not do too much for me, but even with the repetition, this was alright.

Rating: ***


PED’s do-it-all secretary (HEG) is wacky

  • Heidi getting her obligatory sketch of the premiere. Considering how extremely tired I’ve grown of her last season, I’m going to get into this one with worry.
  • Solid fast-paced delivery and performance from Heidi, but this isn’t any different from that desk piece she did as that busy co-worker. It only shows how one-note Heidi’s becoming in this late stage in her run.
  • This brief role is a real waste of James’ great talents. I did love his delivery as the classy new co-worker, at least.
  • This HAS to be a Jimmy Fowlie sketch.
  • Good, committed pratfall from Heidi, but this sketch ain’t working for me as a whole. This is not that different from the endless “wacky” sketches we got last season, especially from Heidi and Chloe.
  • The ending with Bowen’s message to the camera was awful. In a typical cringey Bowen way.

Rating: **

Please Don’t Destroy – The Original Princes of Comedy

John Higgins, Ben Marshall, Martin Herlihy [real] show PED their un-PC childhood standup days; John Mulaney [real] cameo

  • Our obligatory PDD short of the premiere.
  • Aww, that Pete stand-up clip, while didn’t make me laugh out loud, was quite endearing. This short already has a fun, solid concept that it is perfect for PDD.
  • Pete is solid straight man throughout this short. Actually, a better one than I expected him to be.
  • The kids here are really good, especially for their age; the white kid at Def Comedy Jam acting all “black” is priceless.
  • I’m really enjoying the stand-up clips of the kid playing younger Martin roasting the hell out of the audience members; the use of that SNL writer (sorry, forgot his name) is hilarious.
  • Another Taylor Swift mention, and this one honestly came off pointless.
  • Pretaped John Mulaney cameo! As expected, his whole bit was excellent and gave me the biggest laughs so far in this episode. A testament to his brilliant comedy style that he can make me laugh so hard while bombing in front of the audience.
  • Good to see Che, much like Colin making a rare appearance outside of Update. His mom recognizing Ben from the old videos was a good way to end this piece.
  • An overall very fun inaugural PDD short for the season.

Rating: ****

Musical Performance – “In Ha Mood”

Weekend Update

Christopher Columbus (BOY) brags around Indigenous Peoples’ Day

MIC torments COJ with endless ”Ebony Alerts” jokes

Deion Sanders (KET) is still prime time as he coaches college football teams

  • It is absolutely surreal to me that this is the 10th year of the Che/Jost era of Update. Don’t get me wrong, this era is my all-time favorite, but no anchor should remain for this long. However, unlike some fellow reviewers, I’m not sick of Che & Jost yet, but do hope they would bow out gracefully after this season and hand over the reins to a new Update team. (Crossing my fingers for the solid Rosebud Baker and possible a male or female co-anchor alongside her to take over.)
  • We are starting with our obligatory Israel/Gaza talk. Knowing this era of Update, I’m optimistic they’ll handle it well.
  • Great joke from Che about the first black gay senator and George Santos; the following “seen here” joke by him was funny as well.
  • Che’s joke Mia Khalifa/Lorne joke “I was searching her for work!” was very funny. This Update in general has been good in terms of jokes and pacing.
  • OH, GOD. After Che introduced the Columbus commentary, I expected another fun Michael Longfellow piece. Instead, we are getting our obligatory Bowen Vamp piece of the night. Bleh.
  • This is fucking terrible so far. Bowen is performing this with his usual ease and confidence, but as usual with him, this is just dull and nothing more. And now, complete with our billionith Taylor Swift mention.
  • This performance, as usual with this performer, is completely joyless. There’s such coldness in Bowen Yang when he performs these D.O.A. trash on a weekly basis. Instead of getting a much warmer, more talented performer instead of him here such as JAJ or Sarah, we get the billionth Vanity Island desk piece from an out-of-date cast member. I’m sure Bowen Yang is a great person behind the scenes at SNL and everything, but I only get cold, joyless vibes from almost everything he does nowadays on the show. Even in the tiniest of support roles, like his role in Secretary, he removes me completely from the sketches themselves. I cannot remember the last performer who kills sketches dead for me so many times since…. God, Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen?
  • Anyways, this was a dull, suffocating dud of a commentary that seemed endless.
  • Fantastic “Ebony Alerts” string of jokes from Colin; completely making up for the dull Bowen piece I just sat through.
  • I’m loving how several of the jokes tonight are bombing; Colin’s reaction to the Texas crocodile joke bombing was excellent.
  • Man, after sitting through that Bowen piece, now I’m getting a Kenan desk piece? This Update, jokes-wise, has been great, but the commentary choices so far are rough, to say the least.
  • As always, Kenan is not even doing anything to imitate Deion Sanders, and is just doing his usual smug routine, which is getting zero laughs from me. This piece is no different than the Mario one he did nor his awful Herschel Walker impression last season.
  • We are now getting Kenan cracking up for no reason in the middle of his speech. It is absolutely surreal to me how this man keeps sinking by each passing week; giving Horatio Sanz a run for his money in terms of being an unprofessional jackass.
  • This commentary keeps going on and on and on….
  • I’ll say, however, the bit with us being shown a brief bit from the very notorious Must Be The Money musical performance from Deion’s S20 episode was an interesting meta moment.
  • Very classy ending to the inaugural Update of the season with request for donations to help the affected civilians in Israel and Gaza.
  • All-in-all, this Update actually had a lot of fun jokes and moments, especially the string of priceless jokes during the “Ebony Alerts” bit, but the desk commentaries were so awful, rambling, overlong that they’ll bring down my rating by half-a-star, at least.

Rating: ***1/2 (the latter for the excellent “Ebony Alerts” bit)


Weirdo (BOY) returns to old spaceship amidst battle

  • Great set design and great costumes on the cast; Heidi’s look as a robot is fantastic, as well as Chloe’s look being clearly inspired by Seven of Nine.
  • How much Bowen vamping and camping can an episode have? A season premiere, nonetheless. Of course, Bowen is playing this role as…. Bowen. And this guy is supposed to be one of the show’s stars??
  • Not two minutes in and this sketch has eerie season 20 vibes, especially the lavish production spent on what appears to be so far a thin, jokeless sketch.
  • Much like that secretary sketch with Heidi, this one also feels VERY Jimmy Fowlie. Not a good thing. I mean, from Bowen’s look and character, the lines delivered, the hollow, cold feel, THIS has to be our second Jimmy Fowlie-written sketch of the night.
  • This sketch is fucking TERRIBLE so far. Completely unwatchable. What the fuck is this sketch even going for?!
  • I…. I really do not have much to say about this D.O.A. dud. These Bowen Vamp sketches always come off extremely D.O.A. right out of the motherfucking gate. And…. so suffocatingly dull, which gives me NOTHING to say about them.
  • Now Bowen Vamp sacrifices himself and saves the spaceship, complete with a mock-sentimental ending to the camera? Bleh.
  • Overall: no.

Rating: *

Musical Performance – ”Pretty Girl”

Taylor Swift [real] introduces musical guest

Beach Day

(AND) delivers emotional pep talk to PED in the middle of the sand

  • Andrew! Sorry, but it feels sadly so rare seeing Andrew being used in a sketch nowadays. Considering how unfairly underused and maligned he’s been since last season, it’ll always be a pleasent a surprise to see him being actually used in a piece.
  • I know this is obvious, but new cast member Chloe Troast looks a lot like Sarah. It feels like we strangely barely saw her this episode. I understand this is her first show, but odd how she barely did anything so far.
  • I’m absolutely loving the awkward turn with Pete’s grandma’s farm being destroyed and Andrew, in the middle of the sand, giving him a pep talk. Andrew’s so good in delivering these offbeat concepts and making them work for me. I laughed so hard at both the visual and delivery from Andrew of his condolences to Pete.
  • I’m pretty surprised Pete isn’t breaking at all during Andrew’s whole spiel, which is something I could see Pete breaking easily in reaction towards.
  • I could’ve used a better ending, but I overall loved this piece, especially considering the dull “star” showpieces we got in different parts of this episode. Refreshing, offbeat sketch concepts such as this are always up my alley of humor I love.

Rating: ****


Despite its horrific side effects, Glamgina is the best cosmetic product for female genitalia

  • Right out of the gate, I get the feeling I’m probably in for a patented oddball Sarah Sherman piece; pieces I’m always such a sucker for.
  • I love the reveal that Sarah put makeup on her vagina as this piece is now starting to reveal itself in the tradition of female-centric hygienic ads.
  • Solid, fun delivery from Sarah as she reveals Glamgina’s benefits to the vagina; her overly-cheery delivery is so dead-on of these typical spokesman ads.
  • Fun appearance from Ego, especially her casual delivery of where she came from.
  • Ah, more and more this piece is becoming an all-female showcase; the ridiclious premise and how seriously it’s treated makes it funnier.
  • Great appearance from Heidi which creeps out Pete, who’s been giving a solid and fun straight man performance.
  • Very funny bit with Chloe Troast appearing in the closet to a terrified Pete’s discomfort.
  • In a typical Punkie Johnson fashion, she’s coming off so likable and fun casually eating chips in the middle of the ad.
  • Not even the Kenan bit at the end annoyed me. It, and the ending tagline, actually made me laugh.
  • An overall really solid, creative piece with all the girls in the cast getting chances to shine.

Rating: ***1/2

Roadhouse Bar

PED & (AND) meet with (KET) in a bar in the middle of nowhere

  • Ah, another patented oddball Andrew Dismukes piece tonight? This episode is really starting to be very enjoyable to me with these creative, offbeat pieces this half (Bowen Vamp notwithstanding).
  • Andrew’s characterization and look is both fun and endearing to me here. Much like Melissa before him, Andrew’s natural warmth and endearing presence was sadly barely used so far in his run.
  • Yet another fun character work from Pete tonight; he’s been impressing me so much as the host.
  • Surprisingly, Kenan is actually a pretty solid straight man throughout this sketch and I’m enjoying his befuddled reactions to Pete & Andrew.
  • The “not driving tonight” running bit is funny, especially considering the bar the sketch is set in is in the middle of nowhere. 
  • I usually love Michael Longfellow as the straight man in a sketch, but something about his performance here feels off to me. It’s like he’s not interested in the premise. I noticed hints of that in the (terrible) spaceship sketch earlier tonight. Odd how a very professional performer such as Michael is seemingly a little rusty during the season premiere, of all episodes.
  • The turn with the foot pics is so, so dumb. But, in a typical Andrew Dismukes fashion, he is making it work just fine for me.
  • Not an ending I would’ve chosen, but an overall silly little 10-to-1. 

Rating: ***1/2


Segments Ranked From Best to Worst

Beach Day

Please Don’t Destroy – The Original Princes of Comedy



Weekend Update

Roadhouse Bar

NFL on Fox

Autocomplete Interview

I’m Just Pete



Final Thoughts:

  • I learned not to expect too much from season premieres; they’re either gassed out or very strong for the most part. This premiere, however, as a whole was agreeable enough. The first half was mostly just ok, but with the second half, minus that unwatchable Bowen Vamp sketch, the episode became more consistently enjoyable to me (including several solid, creative and offbeat pieces). All-in-all, minus two duds, we got mostly good stuff, including two pretaped and live pieces I loved (PDD & Beach Day). Pete Davidson was a quietly solid, likable and charming host who fit perfectly back into the SNL format, and contrary to what I feared, he came into this episode being such a sport and clearly having fun; I especially loved his work throughout the post-Update half of the night.

My Favorite Moments of the Episode, Represented with Screencaps:

Up Next:

  • Bad Bunny.

My full set of screencaps from this episode is here

12 Replies to “October 14, 2023 – Pete Davidson / Ice Spice (S49 E1)”

  1. I liked the “I’m Just Pete” short quite a bit more than you did. Say what you will about the man, he’s not afraid at all of poking fun at himself and he didn’t hold back at all. The various other versions of Pete were a delight to watch.

    Didn’t care for that Autocomplete Interview sketch. You could tell where it was going almost immediately and there wasn’t much escalation to it, something that’s a recurring problem with SNL sketches.

    I’m not as cool on Kenan as you are, even though I get where you’re coming from. His Update commentary wasn’t amazing or anything, but I did appreciate the potshots he took against Colin. I’m a sucker for a good Jost roast. And as you pointed out, he was good in that Roadhouse Bar sketch.

    Bowen on the other hand…dear God! Get this man off the show now! It’s depressing watching a performer sink THIS low week after week. That Spaceship sketch is godawful and is just a thin excuse to give him some self-amused bullshit to vamp on endlessly. He’s become the new late era Wiig/Armisen.

    Heidi is somewhere in between for me at this point. She’s good in utility roles and can still turn in good performances (her robotic delivery in the Spaceship sketch for example), but at the same time, her wacky roles, while not as annoying as Bowen or late stage Wiig/Armisen, are a waste of her talents. I still think she has some great stuff left in the tank, but she’s definitely getting past her prime at this point.

    It was nice to see Andrew have a strong night and his off the wall delivery in that beach sketch was hilarious. I really hope this is a sign he’s gonna be used more this season, though I won’t hold my breath of course.

    All in all, while there was nothing here that truly wowed me, there was very little that I outright hated (outside of that wretched Spaceship sketch). I was actually pleasantly surprised by Pete as host. He was a good sport and seemed happy to be there and was mostly charming and likable.

  2. Great review! I agree with Jost and Che leaving after this season, but I would prefer if Andrew and Punkie took over after them.

  3. Better than the previous season premiere, but still meh. I don’t know if it says more about me as an SNL nerd or the quality of the episode, but the most exciting part of the night for me was PDD being credited in the opening montage.

    Perhaps it was best for the show to revolve around the cast and not be a Pete-centric episode, but knowing what aired, I’m conflicted. Although it was nice to see Pete commit and reminded me of how much I loved seeing him when he joined.

    Kenan as Deion felt very last minute, with no makeup applied to make him look like Sanders, loose nature, and unfocused commentary. I’ve seen Bowen do worse stuff on the show, but still not a great night for him. Columbus could’ve been something if they heightened it instead of repeating the “I discovered it” trope. Update overall was weak for the most part.

    Andrew has written better stuff, and the sketches he led were meh. Glamgina was funnier on rewatch, but could’ve had some work done on the ending. The less said about the Heidi sketch, the better. And with the exception of the PDD short, the rest of the show was watered down.

    It makes me so happy to see your reviews again, as they always provide intellectual commentary on the program. And the time you must spend on screencaps… it does not go unnoticed. Thanks for your work Blood and I can’t wait to read more

  4. So glad to see more of your new reviews…and getting high quality caps done at such a fast clip! Fantastic.

    From what someone at SNN said, the guy in the audience for the PDD short was Ben Silva.

    I don’t think anyone can express my feelings on what Heidi and Bowen now bring to the show better than you have in this review. I don’t dislike either of them personally, I think they both had many highs (Heidi was, for a period, my favorite woman in the cast), but their leading roles in the last few seasons make me irrationally annoyed – so cold, artificial, and lacking in any chances for other cast members. Even Bowen’s supporting work isn’t what it once was, whereas Heidi still has some moments when she plays smaller roles.

    I might be a hypocrite for enjoying Andrew’s sketches when they might share some traits of vanity pieces, but they often feel more vibrant, and they also give more opportunities to other cast members or hosts. (I saw someone on Twitter speculate that Pete’s role in the bar sketch might have originally been meant for JAJ).

    Most of the show was very formulaic until those last three sketches, which is why I am more generous toward them than I might be if the assembly line wasn’t so present, and so rickety. This is one of those episodes where, when I read your review, and think back on the sketches, it wasn’t as fully flat/disappointing as I had remembered but watching (until the last three sketches) was such a toothless, cold slog.

    I don’t know how to even grade some of the sketches, they just had that little impact to me, but I think your ratings are very on the nose. Something like I’m Just Ken sums up most of what I get tired of with SNL pop culture takes and Pete’s music (essentially just a do-over the already existing number), but it also wasn’t “bad.” It was just…there. Similar to the Wired sketch (which might have been Pete’s best character work of the night) and the headline-chasing Swift/Kelce sketch. I think I was also very fatigued over Pete’s personal life being brought up again, although I’m glad he kept that off Update this time (also glad he stuck to his guns about Chad).

    I’ll give PDD credit for not just taking pabulum status for granted and trying to keep their product popping. There wasn’t anything new about their short, but the casting of their kid selves was so good, along with the smart use of Pete and the Mulaney cameo.

    I wasn’t enthused about Pete hosting, but he was more helpful to this episode than I would have given him credit for, especially the cold open. Yes, it’s more “both sides,” sure to alienate people who wanted more, but the presentation was a big step up from how SNL has handled these topics in past years, very heartfelt and not giving the vibe of, “Look at us, look at how sad we are as our senior cast members are solemn in closeup.” I never wanted the show to try to tackle this subject, which is almost impossible for anyone to tackle, but Pete was the perfect choice.

    The much more cautious handling of the Israel/Palestine issue compared to some past years (imagine the tone in the ’00s), along with Kenan mentioning Sinead O’Connor as a “brave lady,” reminds me how much SNL often seems to be trying to backdate, and deal with its more jagged history. I guess that’s what 50 years will do for you. The show is such a behemoth, so many moving parts, so many discarded parts. Seeing them try to knit themselves together is often more compelling than the material itself.

  5. There’s not much to disagree with, but let me start with this…

    Although I’m somewhat progressive, I do fear change a little bit. Thats to say my personal preference, I don’t need the screen shots in the review. Maybe one or two, but it just added extra scrolling for my aging figures. Also, describing performers in airport codes was too much work for me. But enough old many whining.

    I generally agreed with your order, maybe tweek one or two here or there, but the top ones are my top ones, and the bottom two are definitely my bottom 2.

    I’m not a fan of “wacky” characters. So, Bowen is becoming increasingly annoying in his popping up of “Wacky” characters, but then Heidi brought the same energy to her person. (I’ve never seen Mad Men, or Suits, so for me, she came across as the secretary described in Gary Gulman’s “How the States got their abbreviations” stand up bit.

    The show just got better when the young un’s got to write their bits. Andrew, Sarah, PDD.

    Generally, I loved Ego’s one line on the WIRED sketch (because there’s always one of those ridiculous “Are they related…” questions. I liked Pete’s initial reveal as the Delta Diarrhea guy, but I wanted it to be different things, not the same thing three times. Also, were they playing real people?

    I’d like to see some more of Troust soon, please.

    Also, How much better would the 10-to-1 sketch have been with JAJ in the Pete role?

    Pete wasn’t a disaster. SNL is back.

  6. “Also, were they playing real people?”

    I don’t think so, Nic. I do not follow trending news outside of politics, but they might be as the looks on the cast felt quite specific. However, the whole Delta incident seems to be parodying this story: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/delta-flight-makes-u-turn-after-passenger-had-diarrhea-all-the-way-through-plane_n_64f781cae4b039d866520f6b

    To everybody else: Thanks so much for your kind words.

  7. I can’t see anything but the Sandler comparisons after reading your blog. If that is where Pete’s career is headed I am a bit more hopeful about his future projects.

  8. Good review. I think I liked the I’m Just Ken parody more than you cause I enjoy it as a parody a lot beyond all the Pete references. I have noticed that Pete is way better at singing pre tapes than rapping ones and he mostly shifted for that in his final season which I was glad to see.

    I didn’t care for the Beach sketch. It could have worked if the event was more serious and so leaned more into dark humour cause “a tornado destroyed my Grandmas bean farm” sounds like it was written as a joke and not to be taken seriously. Plus if maybe there was a real emergency to the situation like for example his grandma had an incident and went to the hospital and so Andrew stalling them from it would be funnier. The groundwork was there but it didn’t really work.

    Overall, Pete did MUCH better than I expected. He was for the first time in his time in SNL a solid straight man in sketches like Glamgina and never once broke or felt out of place. Good on him really improving his acting skills. Made me actually be okay with the fact that he hosted.

  9. Solid review, Blood! Good to have you back.

    Couldn’t agree more with your hopes for the season starting out (especially your thoughts on JAJ, Ego and the entire female cast. At this point, the only thing I really fear about Heidi & Ego leaving is the show being left with a female cast consisting mainly of three women who look and sound very much like each other and one more person who will constantly have to deal with being misgendered as a cis woman).

    I also get a kick out of how Frank Serpas’ SNL Guide has Bowen amd Andrews’ names initialized and abbreviated as “BOY” and “AND”. I also love how you included that very brief blink-and-you-miss-it shot of Kanye in the “I’m Just Pete” short as a full on screencap.

    I wasn’t crazy about either Bowen vamp piece but I’d say I prefer the spaceship sketch over the Father Guido Columbus one (even if I too couldn’t help but see the parallels to season 20 sketches like “Aliens 4: Mad About You Aliens” in the former.

    I’m not too crazy about everything Kenan has done recently either but I’m not as hard on him yet as you are. I’m probably just saying that because I was too personally invested in the Deon commentary as someone who actually went to the college the real Deon is coaching for this season.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  10. My only 3 favorite parts

    – Glamgina (I am willing to like Squirm sketches People)
    – Ebony Alert Jokes
    – Secretary (What can I say, A Sketch with Heidi in a bra is OK for me)

  11. I think the miracle of this episode is that it survived at all. I worried that, with the Pete-ness of it all, this episode was headed for disaster, but I it really did avoid the pitfalls that I fretted.

    First, while I am highly wary (read: cynical) of SNL’s incessant need to proclaim itself as a soothing balm in troubled times and attempt these sorts of serious addresses to the point of self-parody, I have to give full marks to Pete for delivering an address that seemed relevant and sincere without being saccharine and mawkish. I’d rather they don’t do them again, but an effectively sincere opening probably helps the episode more than whatever disaster political cold open awaits us.

    As for Pete’s standup: it’s fine! Satisfactory, even.

    I think I dug the Ken/Pete song more than you, perhaps just for the fact that I was relieved that it a) wasn’t another Eminem tribute and b) actually hade a comedic hook. Pete’s private life is the big annoying elephant in the room, but the fact that they condensed it all into a single piece that included actual functioning jokes was a boon. And I liked that they pointed out that Pete’s celebrity clearly outpaces his artistic output – that’s a serious self-burn.

    For the rest, I liked that they just let Pete sort of fit into the flow of the sketches instead of making him the focal point of everything. And when he was more central, like in the Roadhouse Bar sketch, hey, it’s pretty good fun.

    My favorite piece for the night was the Beach sketch. I can kind of see mortal’s point about the comedic juxtaposition being not quite developed, but the central tension of the sketch is so rich, it almost reminded me of Curb Your Enthusiasm. More sketches like this, please.

    For the rest…the football thing was fun if fluffy, PDD are zippy but lack ingenuity, the secretary piece was well-performed garbage, the spaceship sketch was underwritten and annoying, Glamgina was acceptable filler.

    It’s not SNL’s finest go-round or anything, but the show left a positive flavor, which I thought would have been impossible given the host.

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