Hello everyone, my name is “Blood Meridian,” an SNL fanatic and reviewer. For many years, I used to watch like any regular viewer; enjoying the highlights when found and hating on any lowlights an episode might contain. In recent years, I decided to be more critical in my viewing of the show, which led to me becoming a presence in various online SNL forums, discussing and debating the show. This site, however, is quite different. This is a project where I would review recent SNL seasons, and especially the show as it airs new live episodes from a more comprehensive and opinion-based view.

Here’s what to expect from my reviews of the show:

  • Episodes are reviewed in a segment-by-segment basis and not entirely at once.
  • Comedic segments are rated on a scale of 1-5 stars; non comedic segments, such as tributes are not to be rated.
  • I do not review musical performances, as I do not both have the time nor am I comfortable enough doing them. Commenters are welcome to share their thoughts, and, even their own reviews of the musical performances.
  • Sketch Synopses are taken from the Frank Serpas III’s Saturday Net site; CFT sketches’ synopses are by me.
  • My reviewing style is mainly my thoughts on a segment as it airs live, so a lot of my reviews will come off in a chronological order, instead of me talking about the sketch in general. Rewatches of said segments might occur to polish or re-assess my opinion on a certain segment.
  • My reviews will contain a full set of screencaps I make from said episode. Currently, more modern seasons are in the process of being finished. Screencapping is a very time-consuming, exhaustive process, so please be patient when some of my reviews do not contain them yet. When I start capping a season, I’ll create a blank page above to see my process with its screencapping, episode by episode.

This site was established on the night of January 10, 2022. This site grew from a very small, hastily-created blog, to a project of passion of mine. Thanks to all the impressive number of devoted readers, followers, and frequent commenters. I hope to continue this amazing journey with SNL.