About the Blog

Hello, my name is “Blood Meridian,” a die-hard SNL fan. Years ago, I began watching Saturday Night Live and grew attached to it the more years had passed. This blog serves as means to share my own perspective on the show’s run from more modern & current seasons.

Here is what to expect from my reviews & blog:

  • Episodes are reviewed in a sketch-by-sketch basis; wrap-up posts (which are published each time I finish a season of the season), however, are written in paragraph form, though may include bullet points at some point.
  • Sketches are rated on a 1-5 stars rating system; non-comedic segments such as tributes or introductions will not be rated.
  • These reviews are written with a combination of my thoughts at the moment, meaning as I am watching the sketch, and additional views for a more fair assessment. 
  • I do not review musical performances, even as I may add them in my favorite moments of the episode-season; readers are encouraged to share their own reviews & thoughts of musical performances, however. 
  • Sketch synopses are taken from the Frank Serpas Saturday Net; cut-for-time sketch synopses are by me.
  • My reviews are to be accompanied with a full set of screencaps I’ve made from the episodes I review; these are very time-consuming and require great energy, so each time I add a new blank page under Screencaps of a season, it means I’m to do it. Please understand that and be patient. 

This site was launched on the night of January 10, 2022. It grew since then rapidly due to the great support and encouragement of so many people. I am grateful to all and hope to continue to host the community that enjoys these reviews of mine to the best of my abilities.